CSEN is comprised of representatives from the following four neighborhood organizations: Friendly Area Neighbors, Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association, Southeast Neighbors, and Amazon Neighbors. The Council is advisory to the neighborhood organizations on matters affecting growth, development, and livability in South Eugene.

The Council appoints committees to work on matters of common concern related to land use, zoning, parks, open space and recreation, annexation, housing, community facilities, transportation and traffic, public health, public safety, sanitation, and community services. A charter was established in January 2016.

Council Representatives

  • FAN: Greg Giesy, Nancy Ellen Locke, Lisa Arkin,
  • SHiNA: Bob Larson, Vic Hariton, Ralph McDonald
  • SEN: Heather Sielicki (Co-Chair), Dennis Hebert, David Monk
  • Amazon: Randy Prince (Co-Chair), Kevin Shanley

Active Committees

Vulnerable Populations Working Group

Status: Recognizing the homelessness crisis and the unlikeliness that the funding and implementation required for publicly funded shelter beds will come together before the rainy, winter months, the Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods set a goal for the Vulnerable Populations Working Group to find safe shelter spots in the neighborhood for vulnerable populations experiencing homelessness. For information, contact Heather Sielicki.

Inactive Committees

Community Forums

In May 2016, the Council hosted a Mayoral and Ward 1 Candidate Forum on the South Willamette Special Area Zone. To help facilitate future community forums on issues of relevance to our four neighborhoods, please contact the Council at councilsoutheugene@googlegroups.com.

South Willamette Special Area Zone Planning Committee

Status: Creating a neighborhood refinement plan. Preparing recommendations for City Council. See charter and principles of participation.